Eightfold Noble Path–Practicing Compassion

Topics Include: 1) The place and meaning of compassion as part of the Four Noble Truths. The three aspects of right thought: renunciation, loving kindness and compassion. 2) The reason for the importance of compassion in the Buddha’s teachings. The reason we don’t suffer in the world is because we don’t see it in ourselves. 3) The connection between compassion and awakening to suffering in our lives. 4) The reason for the centrality of compassion in the Mahayana traditions: compassion is the key to opening to our own suffering and opening to awakening and the liberation from suffering: the ultimate goal of the Four Noble Truths. 5) The social implications of the teaching: how so many people in our society who supported Donald Trump are in deep suffering…and why suffering pervades our society. 6) The interface between mindfulness and compassion, the importance of equanimity and empathy. 7) Learning how to be compassionate toward others. 8) Learning how to be compassionate to those who bring harm and cruelty to you. 9) How compassion expresses itself in great determination and great courage.
December 12, 2020
55 min.

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