Eightfold Noble Path–Overcoming Aversion

Topics Include: 1) Right thought as the motivational aspect of bringing right understanding to overcoming craving, aversion and delusion. 2) Shifting our focus from craving to aversion. How we face the difficulties of what is happening in society with a sense of wisdom and compassion. 3) Example of working with food addiction. 4) The problem of aversion. Coming to terms with the political developments of our time. 5) Seeing the trajectories of Donald Trump and Joe Biden as the culmination of two diametrically opposed patterns of karmic development and how they represent the conflicting values in our society while not personally allowing ourselves to fall prey to aversion and hatred. 6) Understanding aversion and hatred from an inter-religious perspective, Muslims against Buddhists. 7) Using the positive aspects of action to bring about positive change short of succumbing to aversion, hatred and violence.
October 3, 2020
51 min.

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