Eightfold Noble Path–Overcoming Addiction

Topics Include: 1) Right thought: moving from cognition to intention in the karmic sequence. How actions unfold in our daily lives. 2) The three categories of right intention: renunciation, lovingkindness and compassion. 3) Understanding renunciation not as abnegation but as non-addiction. 4) The problem of addictions. Building awareness to develop restraint and moderation. 5) The film “The Social Dilemma” and its commentary on craving and suffering in contemporary society. 6) Bringing a sense of awareness to our likes and dislikes so they don’t result in suffering. 7) Developing a sense of wise restraint or moderation in our lives. Seeing the greater benefit of restraint rather than satiation of our desires. 8) Understanding the relationship between mindfulness and Buddhism. 9) It’s not what you do. It’s how you do it.
September 26, 2020
48 min.

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