Eightfold Noble Path–Metta and Gratitude

Topics Include: 1) Comments and stories about recent political developments in the context of our discussion on metta or lovingkindness. 2) Cultivating lovingkindness: learning to see the good qualities in other people. 3) How we’re hard wired to look for danger in other people. Why we need to overcome our natural tendency toward caution and mistrust. 4) The relationship between mindfulness and lovingkindness. 5) Metta and the ability to release afflictive emotions and grudges sooner than later. 6) Practicing metta for those who may have caused us extreme levels of harm or suffering. 7) The idea that everything is perfect. The chain of causality in our lives is such that things could not have been any different from the way they are. That is the basis for acceptance and, ultimately, gratitude for our lives.
November 21, 2020
53 min.

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