Eightfold Noble Path–Cognitive Dissonance

Topics Include: 1) Review of supra mundane wisdom. Overcoming the five aggregates of clinging: the delusion of self. 2) The difference between conceptual understanding and experiential embodiment: the words of Bhikkhu Bodhi. 3) The wrong view of self or shakya ditto as the primary cause of suffering. How does the sense of self cause us to suffer? 4) So, how do we overcome these five aggregates or the sense of self? 5) So, why do we cling to the idea of self even in the face of scientific evidence? The problem of cognitive dissonance. 6) Realizing that cognitive dissonance may define our relationship to the truth of non self: the role of mindfulness. 7) Seeing cognitive dissonance through the lens of a willing suspension of disbelief. 7) Understanding self and non self through the understanding of conventional and absolutely reality.
August 1, 2020
56 min.

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