Craving and Clinging in a World of Conditioned and Unconditioned Reality

Topics Include: 1) Reflections on the larger context within which clinging and craving arise. 2) Understanding why we do not see the world as it actually is. 3) Learning how to relate to the world of illusion. 4) From formlessness to form, from the unconditioned to the conditioned. 5) The original formation of matter from energy and the compounded nature of matter. 6) The evolution of mind and consciousness as the culmination of evolution. 7) The evanescent flicker of life in the flow of evolution. 8) The collateral existence of the unconditioned within our conditioned lives. 9) Coming to gratitude and joy within the brief time that we have. 10) Understanding clinging and craving within the context of our larger human reality.
Honolulu, Hawaii
December 19, 2015
42 minutes
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