Conditioning, Implicit Bias and Meditation

Topics Include: 1) Unconscious conditioning, the roots of implicit bias and the role of meditation: their relevance to the teaching of the Buddha. 2) The power of conditioning: the example of Donald Trump and other examples of negative conditioning. 3) The role of conditioning in forming our patterns of implicit bias as well as our sense of self and other. The definition of conventional and absolute reality. 4) How implicit bias expresses itself in negative emotions generally aroused around a sense of threat or danger. 5) How these native emotions are actually mild forms of PTSD. The dynamics of trauma in the mind. How traumas get embedded in our implicit memory. 6) the role of meditation in overcoming our implicit biases. Recognizing, accepting and integrating reactive emotions into our adult explicit memory. 7) From a Buddhist perspective, seeing impermanence, non-self and suffering and its karmic legacy. 8) Coming to a fundamental understanding of the universal common humanity of all beings and our fundamental interconnectedness.
June 27, 2020
40 min

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