Buddhist Virtues-Wisdom Part 2

Wisdom at the Conventional Level and Wisdom in terms of Absolute Reality
Topics include: 1) The two kinds of Wisdom: Wisdom at the conventional level, and Wisdom at the unconditioned level; 2) Wisdom at the conventional level: the law of cause and effect or Karma; 3) Wisdom at the unconditioned level: The Four Noble Truths, ignorance, and the concept of Anatta; 4) Approaching the concept of wisdom through an understanding of Conditionality; 5) The neuroscience view of non-self: mapping, memory, and proprioception; 6) How does this contribute to our understanding of ego and suffering; and 7) What is the deathless in the Buddha’s teaching?
Honolulu, Hawaii
March 3, 2013
57 minutes

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