2019 Long Retreat Day 4 Dharma Talk

Topics Include: 1) Working with sloth and torpor and restlessness and agitation: the importance of walking meditation, breathing and noting. 2) Getting out of your mind and into your body: the difference between sitting and walking meditation. 3) Working with severe afflictive emotions as a form of PTSD. 4) The clear seeing of emotions and a sense of integration into one’s experience: a sense of wholeness. 5) Feeling overwhelmed by the burdens of life…applying mindfulness in our everyday lives. 6) The path of purification: purifying ourselves of our afflictive emotions and coming back to our pure original self. 7) Understanding the process: clear seeing, acceptance, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude…learning how to feel our presence in the world. 8) The capacity to sharpen our perception of feelings and the difference between concentration and mindfulness practice. 9) Appreciating our bodies in the mind body spectrum. 10) The power of relaxation to cut through afflictive emotions. 11) Visualizing an image of our blossoming as a human being. 12) What do we do with our feelings in meditation? Learning how to understand our emotions.
Honolulu, Hawaii
July 11, 2019
1 hour 6 min.

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