2019 Long Retreat Day 3 Dharma Talk

Topics Include: 1) Working with sloth and torpor and restlessness and agitation. 2) The importance of walking meditation. 3) Noticing intentions before all our actions: seeing the mind body process as it operates in every movement. 4) How to work with incessant looping thoughts or emotions. 5) The problem of “zoning out.” 6) The problem of self blame or feeling inadequate to the task of meditation: learning how to forgive yourself. 7) Working with severe emotional pain. 8) Seeing with clarity the full range of our emotions with total acceptance and nonresistance…and seeing the perfection of it all. 9) Learning how to surrender and trust the practice. 10) Learning how to work with the “analytical mind” or the urge to “figure things out”. 11) Closing Refuge Meditation.
Honolulu, Hawaii
July 10, 2019
1 hour and 25 min.

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