2019 Long Retreat–Day 2 Dharma Talk

Topics Include: 1) The importance of stillness in movement: the concept of flow. 2) Seeing the beauty of our momentary experience. 3) Understanding the process of noting: the difference between pure awareness and awareness colored by emotions: the function of noting. 4) Understanding the moral content of our thoughts and actions: the principle of ahimsa or non-harming. 5) Cultivating a continuous stream of mindfulness through continual noting. 6) How continuous mindfulness allows us to be aware of and modify our actions through wise reflection. Bringing noting and awareness into our everyday lives. 7) How mindfulness works in attenuating and reducing negative emotions. 8) Understanding the process of letting: knowing what to let go. It’s not just about erasing our thoughts and emotions.
Honolulu, Hawaii
July 9, 2019
72 min.

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