2019 Long Retreat Day– 1 Dharma TalkPM

Topics Include: 1) Meditation as an altered state of consciousness and how it can help us release ourselves from suffering. 2) Results of participants registration survey. 3) Understanding the meaning of quieting the mind: deepening our capacity for conscious awareness. 4) The result of a quiet mind: our capacity of clear awareness, the opening of the six sense doors. 5) Understanding the importance of breath in the meditation process: the four kinds of breath awareness. 6) Ways of bolstering our energy when sleepiness arises. 7) The hindrances we encounter in our meditative practice. 8) The fundamental rule of the practice: watch our minds. 9) How mindfulness works in eliminating afflictive emotions. 10) Closing refuge meditation. 11)Words of transition out of the retreat.
July 8, 2019
69 min.

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