Loneliness, Karma, and Awakening

Topics Include: 1) The question of loneliness: the difference between being alone and being lonely; 2) The psychological and neurological implications of loneliness; 3) Loneliness from a Dharma perspective; 4) The ability to cultivate joy, gratitude and happiness in our experience; 5) Mindfulness as an aesthetic act in seeing the essential beauty of our experience; 6) How our centeredness and presence radiates outward to other beings; 7) The question regarding rebirth and samsara; 8) How can realized spiritual beings be reborn to serve mankind? 9) What it takes to be truly freed from the cycle of birth and rebirth; 10) What is it that drives us from lifetime to lifetime? 11) The question of what it takes to bring joy and happiness in our lives. Coming to understand our essential natutre. 12) The Buddha’s inherent connection to Nature.

22 July, 2023
51 Minutes

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