Life of the Buddha (Part 20)

Topics Include: 1) Review of earlier chapters of the Buddha’s life; 2) The fact that not much is known about the personal life of the Buddha; 3) So, what is it like to be a Buddha? 4) Understanding the characteristics of an arahant; 5) Arahants are free from defilements, greed, hatred, and delusion; 6) Perfect wisdom, perfect compassion, perfect morality; 7) Minds that a unshakeable, calm, peaceful, and content; 8) Arahants are always mindful and compassionate; 9) The examples of Sariputtra, Mogallana, and Rahula; 10) Seeing the world as a mirror of our own minds as a way of understanding how our karma creates our personal reality; 11) Ways in which our minds can distort our perception of reality; 12) Changing our reality means changing our minds; 13) An arahant as one who is in the world but not of the world: the symbol of the lotus.

11 November, 2023
42 Minutes

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