Life of the Buddha (Part 19)

Topics Include: 1) Summary of the Buddha’s life after the attainment of enlightenment; 2) The four great teachings of the Buddha to the five ascetics: The Middle Way, the Four Noble Truths, Dependent Origination, and Non-self, or Anatta; 3) The Buddha’s first converts, Yasa and his father; 4) the value of a more historical presentation of the life of the Buddha; 5) How the Buddha was characterized during his ministry; 6) The nature of the sangha in the early years; 7). The Buddha’s meeting with 30 young men chasing a courtesan; 8) the Buddha’s visit with the Hindu ascetics at Uruvela; 9) the value of the Buddha’s teaching in this modern world of so much suffering.

4 November, 2023
49 Minutes

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