Life of the Buddha (Part 18)

Topics Include: 1) Reflections on the emerging war in Israel. 2) The importance of the teaching of anatta or non-self in terms of its moral and ethical implications. 3) The five aggregtes of clinging; 4) The original sutta on non-self; 5) Non-self as determined by the law of Karma; 6) The story of King Milinda ane the chariot;
7) The Heart Sutra and the meaning of emptiness; 8) The relationship between the Heart Sutra and quantum physics; 9) Josha Bach on how our conditioning creates our reality; 10) The three factors of non-self: Evolution, Composition, and Interconnectedness; 11) The moral and ethical implications of the teaching of anatta.

14 October, 2023
67 Minutes

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