Life of the Buddha (Part 13)

Topics Include: 1) The difference between the historical approach of Karen Armstrong and the more scholarly academic approach to the life of the Buddha; 2) The four chapters of the life of the Buddha; 3) Presentation of the scriptural version of the enlightenment of the Buddha; 4) The story of the minstel’s lute and Gotama’s awakening to the middle way; 5) Gotama sits under the Bodhi tree and begins his meditation; 6) Gotama’s attainment of the four jhanic states; 7) The first insight: the knowledge of past lives; 8) The second insight; knowledge of the passing away and reappearance of things; 9) The third insight: knowlege of the destruction of the taints, kilesas, suffering, the origin of suffering and the way to the end of suffering; the Four Noble Truths; 10) The appearance of Mara to challenge Gotama’s enlightenment; 11) The first insight: the middle way; 12) Revelation of the first watch: the concept of samsara; 13) Revelation of the second watch: how being pass away and arise due to their actions in life: the process of karma; 14) Revelation of the third watch: the seeing of suffering and the Four Noble Truths; 15) How the Buddha came to see the truth of suffering through his meditation; 16) Mara’s challenge to the Buddha and the development of mindfulness; 17) The Buddha demonstrates our connection to the earth and to the flow of nature.

1 July 2023
63 Minutes

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