Life of the Buddha (Part 12)

Topics Include: 1) Gotama’s final attempt at awakening under the Bodhi Tree; 2) Understanding the historical vs. scriptual presentations of his chronology; 3) The internal psychological struggle of Gotama in the search for enlightenment; 4) The significance of the Buddha taking his place under the Bodhi tree, finding the Axis Mundi; 5) The appearance of Mara before Gotama;
6) The three visions of the Buddha; 7) Mara’s challenge to the Buddha; 8) The meaning of enlightenment in terms of our integration into the fabric of nature through the surrender of our self-centered ego;
9) The crucial decision to teach or to remain in seclusion; 10) The next steps in the Buddha’s dispensation; 11) Understanding the sense of moral engagement implicit in the attainment of Nibbana.

17 June 2023
53 Minutes

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