Life of the Buddha Part 11

Topics Include: 1). The four chapters in the life of the Buddha; 2). Gotama travels to Bodh Gaya for his final effort at enlightenment; 3). The Buddha’s revelation of the Four Noble Truths; 4). The Noble Eightfold Path as the method to attain Nibbana; 5). The difference between religion and spirituality; 6). Finding transcendance within our conventional lives; 7). Discovering the Four Noble Truths as emergent within ourselves. 8). Seeing the truth within the context of a deep samadhic state; 9). Two notions of self eradication during the Buddha’s time and the idea of the middle way or balance between conventional and absolute reality; 10). Finding peace and tranquillity in the midst of suffering. 11). Realizing and actualizing our connectedness to the fabric of the Cosmos.
10 June, 2023
50 Minutes

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