Freeing the Mind

Topics Include: 1) The influence of Nyanaponika Thera on the spread of the Dharma in the West. 2) The three goals of mindfulness: to know the mind, shape the mind, and free the mind. 3) Review of knowing the mind. 4) Shaping the mind: slowing our reactions down so as to respond with wisdom and common sense. 5) Living in the present and not being lost in the past or the future. 6) The power of mindfulness to lead to a healthier mind: the beautiful mind states. 7) Liberating the mind: finding a sense of peace and spaciousness in our daily lives: the art of letting go through the seeing of the three characteristics of existence: impermanence, suffering, and impersonality. 8) Understanding our spiritual journey.
June 18, 2022
43 min.

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