Eightfold Noble Path–Understanding and Awakening

Topics Include: 1) Understanding how understanding the essential truth of the Dharma leads to awakening. 2) The fundamental wisdom of impermanence, unsatisfactoriness and non-self. 3) Seeing the complexity and dynamic nature of impermanence. How our bodies and minds are a constantly changing shifting phenomenon. 4) Seeing impermanence as the basis for unsatisfactoriness or suffering. Seeking happiness in delusory expectations of permanence and stability. 5) Learning to make the most of what we have because everything is impermanent. 6) Understanding that if everything is impermanent, then there is no stable, permanent essence behind anything, and there is no way to control what is happening in our mind and body. 7) Finding ultimate freedom: no longer being controlled by our mind…not identified with our thoughts. 8) Accepting the fact of impermanence, but finding fulfillment and happiness in the precious time that we have on this earth. 9) Summary of the four stages of awakening. What does it mean to be an Arahant? 10) Understanding the structure of Buddhist teaching from a historical perspective. What the true meaning of awakening is.
November 6, 2021
40 min.

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