Understanding Mindfulness

Topics Include: 1) Understanding mindfulness as based on one’s experience and not an abstract, intellectual teaching. 2) Mindfulness as complete presence of mind, attentiveness, or awareness. 3) What makes mindfulness different from our normal mode of consciousness? The concept of “bare attention.” 4) The concept of illusion. How we do not see reality as it truly is. The roots of mental proliferation: the five defilements. 5) The task of meditation to quiet our discursive mind. Mindfulness as a process of undoing our tendency to mental proliferation. 6) The two forms of mindfulness leading to serenity or to wisdom. How the Buddha developed mindfulness through his early training in meditation. 7) An example of facing a negative emotion in the mind. 8) The ultimate consequence of delusion and ignorance.
July 17, 2021
57 min.

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