Eightfold Noble Path–Right Livelihood

Topics Include: 1) Brief review of the eight path factors. 2) Right livelihood: the writing of Bhikkhu Bodhi. 3) The five prescribed occupations. 4) The qualities of right behavior for employees and employers. 5) The Buddha’s teaching in a modern political context. 6) Applying the concept of right livelihood to our personal lives. Occupations to avoid. 7) Learning to fulfill the aspiration of service to others. 8) Adjusting to jobs that may not fulfill our highest aspiration for ourselves. 9) Adjusting our relationship to money and wealth. 10) Developing a “kind heart” in our service to others. 11) Learning to live out the principles of the Dharma in our thoughts, speech, actions and livelihoods. 12) Understanding living in a democracy like ours is a privilege and not an entitlement.
May 15, 2021
49 min.

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