Eightfold Noble Path–Parameters of Awakening

Topics Include: 1) Review of the four levels of awakening in the Theravadin tradition. 2) The two sets of criteria for determining progress through the four stages of awakening: the number of rebirths in the round of samsara and the eradication of the ten defilements. 3) Description of the four stages of awakening in Bhikkhu Bodhi’s The Eightfold Noble Path. 4) Seeing all conditioned existence as the stamp of unsatisfactoriness. 5) Becoming the embodiment of the Four Noble Truths in our lives. 6) Overcoming the subtle sense of self at the Arahant level. 7) The statement of final awakening. 8) Why this knowledge is important to us in our spiritual journey. The fundamental issue in the journey to self liberation. 9) Understanding the radical revolutionary message of the Buddha.
December 4, 2021
43 min.

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