Mindfulness of the Breath

Topics Include: 1) The definition of illusion in the Buddha’s teaching. 2) The technical definition of mindfulness as seeing our experience with a mind that is totally still. 3) The Four Foundations of Mindfulness: mindfulness of the body, sensations, and mental formations. 4) Mindfulness of the body: awareness of the breath in the body. 5) Bringing mindfulness into other body positions: walking, standing, sitting, lying down. Bringing mindfulness into every action of daily life with flow. 6) Mindfulness with clear comprehension: Understanding the purpose of any action, the suitability of any action, the clarity of mind in action, and free of any controlling ego entity. 7) Understanding how our actions are influenced by our conditioned egoic responses to our experience. Bringing flow into our daily lives.
July 24, 2021
50 min.

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