Dharma Sharing 3

Quynh Nguyen
Quynh Nguyen came to Hawaii in 1975 from Vietnam where she practiced Internal Medicine for 40 years.
She began the study of Zen under Aitken Roshi in 1983. Three years later, she took up Vipassana Meditation with Michele McDonald and Steven Smith. She has sat on long retreats in Hawaii and Myanmar with Bhante G, Sayadaw U Lakkhana, U Tejaniya, U Thuzana, and Western teachers. She joined the sittings at Broken Ridge Temple five years ago.

Quynh has led meditation sessions with inmates in Prison and Halfway Houses. She is actively involved with the Tzu Chi foundation, which provides humanitarian aid worldwide. She now leads mindfulness meditation with Tzu Chi volunteers.

At age 74, her passion is Vipassana Meditation, watercolor painting, besides doting on her grandchildren and being a full time care giver to her husband who has a debilitating neurological disease.

Harry Palmer
Harry is a semi-retired Medical Physicist who currently serves as Radiation Safety Officer at 3 hospitals. Originally from New York City he came to Hawaii in 1989 after almost 20 years in Wisconsin. Though he came to join a physics consulting group, he got deeply involved in Hawaiian culture and married into a Chinese-Hawaiian family.

His passions besides, Hawaiian culture and indigenous rights in general, are music, writing poetry, and fitness training. He is very happy to be in Hawaii particularly in these “interesting times”.

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