DependentOrigination (Part 1)

Topics Include: 1) The fundamental idea of Dependent Origination: how suffering arises in the world and the role of karma; 2) The twelve steps of Dependent Origination and the three lifetimes through which they move; 3) Ignorance, the mind state of a worldling; 4) volitional formations, actions that lead to karma in our life; 4) the arising of consciousness, a conditioned view of the world; 5) Body Mind, the emergence of a new being through rebirth; 6) Sixfold Base, the emergence of the six sense doors and their associated mental factors; 7) Contact, how our senses produce consciousness; 8) Feeling that arises out of contact: pleasant, unpleasant or neutral; 9) The craving that can result from the pursuit of pleasant feelings; 10) The clinging that arises from craving; 11) Becoming: coming into existence, creating new forms of existence; 12) Birth: the emergence into another life; 13) Old age, sickness and death. 14) Dependent Origination as interpreted by Karen Armstrong; 15) the difference between intentions and actions in the formation of Karma; 16) The reality of change within the appearance of permanence: idea of rebirth vs. reincarnation.

30 July, 2023
51 Minutes

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