Day 3 Dharma Talk 2023 Retreat

Topics Include: 1) Forgiveness Prayer; 2) the power of meditation; 3) The importance of slowing down; 4) Balance in walking and sitting; 5) Unexpected physical and mental experiences; 6) Feeling a sense of danger; 7) A story about taste; 8) Patience in the face of strong negative emotions; 10) Looking at patterns of resistance; 11) Learning to live with loneliness; 12) How pain can turn to bliss; 13) The idea of permeability; 14) The statement of things as they really are: the fundamental structure of existence; 15) The last words of the Buddha; 16) Our fundamental embodiment of the structure of the universe, the fabric of the cosmos. 17) Prayer for the sharing of merit.
73 min.

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