Can a Person Who is Evil be Transformed in this Lifetime?

Topics Include: 1) Can a person who commits an unskillful action such as killing, lying, stealing or sexual misconduct be rehabilitated through an external therapeutic intervention. 2) Seeing how our behavior is influenced by cause and effect, or karma, and how that unfolds through our lives and from lifetime to lifetime: the concept of Dependent Origination. 3) Could a person like Jeffrey Epstein or Jeffrey Dahmer ever be rehabilitated? What would that person have to understand in order to change? 4) The modern scientific equivalent concept to karma as the idea of nature vs. nurture, or the idea of epigenetics and environmental conditioning. 5) The power of the Dharma in fostering the awareness and understanding that can bring about change. 6) Under what conditions can a person who is evil learn to change? 7) Learning gratitude for the Dharma for the gifts that it gives us in overcoming suffering and finding peace in our lives. The sense of personal empowerment that comes from the Dharma.
May 1, 2021
41 min.

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