Topics Include: 1) Reading of an email and response regarding the revocation of reproductive rights in America. 2) Explanation of the Liberative Framework and the Pragmatic Karmic Framework as a basis for making a decision about the termination of an unborn child. 3) Comment on the history of abortion as a move by the medical profession to control the birth process as means to consolidate their own power over the reproductive process. 4) Comment by a physician on being part of the decision to terminate a pregnancy and the importance of compassion. 5) The teaching of hiri and ottapa or regret and remorse in coming to terms with past regretful decisions. 6) Comment about the experience of young minority women during the 60s and 70s and the need for a national dialogue on the experience of women in the choice process. 7) Comment on a woman who had to make an abortion decision under difficult circumstances.
May 22, 2022
41 min.

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