25 Beautiful Mindstates–Sympathetic Joy

Topics Include: 1) Mudita: a pure joy in the well being of others, a joy unadulterated by any form of self interest. 2) The far enemy is envy or jealousy. 3) Rejoicing in the good deeds of others and sharing in the merit of those good deeds: the concept of spiritual merit. 4) The fundamental basis for mudita is our understanding of our basic interconnectedness in our human journey. 5) Trying to understand how it feels to feel jealousy or envy in the body and how it feels to feel joy in the happiness of others. 6) Understanding the role of conditioning in our lives in influencing our ability to feel compassion, love, and sympathetic joy. 7) Being able to feel joy for others depends on our ability to feel joy within ourselves. 8) Mudita as a form of generosity of spirit. 9) Why is it so difficult to feel happiness for the good fortune of others? 10) How to cultivate joy in our lives. Learning to appreciate our own qualities and find joy in our actions of kindness and empathy. Understanding the importance of gratitude and appreciation as a source of joy. 11) The relationship between sympathetic joy and lovingkindness and compassion. 12) Mudita as a form of concentration meditation. 13) Finding joy in our own lives as a foundation for finding joy in others. 14) Understanding the bliss that comes from direct contact with existence.
December 10, 2022
53 min.

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