25 Beautiful Mindstates–Wisdom Part 3

Topics Include: 1) Right view as the embodiment of the Four Noble Truths. 2) Right intention is the intention to abandon all wrong views, clinging and craving, and all that leads to suffering in the world. 3) The symbiotic relationship between right view and right intention. 4) A sharing of the fundamental concepts of the Dharma in a common sense sort of way. 5) The power of karma as a process of cause and effect and as an energy that moves through our lives. 6) The power of thoughts: how karma manifests in our mind as our thoughts and how these thoughts create a filter through which we view reality. 7) How our identification with our thoughts create a false sense of self. 8) The power of awareness to cut through the veil of illusion and that touches to the very nature of experience itself. 10) The Scylla and Charybdis of pleasure and pain. 11) The balance between our lives in the conventional world and our connection with the absolute in the world. 12) Summary of the major concepts of the teaching.
March 4, 2023
46 min.

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