25 Beautiful Mindstates–Wisdom

Topics Include: 1) The definition of wisdom: the ability to exercise judgment and good sense. The difference between wisdom and intelligence. 2) Wisdom in the Buddhist context: the ability to see the consequences of our actions and act accordingly. 3) The difference between the experiential realization of the teachings as distinguished from the theoretical knowledge of the teachings. 4) The three stages of wisdom: 1. theory, learning the doctrine; 2. reflection, assimilating the teaching; and 3. realization, personally experiencing the teaching through meditation. 5) How mindfulness links all these three stages together. 6) How mindfulness works to see thoughts as thoughts, dis-identify with our discursive thinking and see the karmic framework in which our thoughts occur. 7) Seeing craving, aversion, ignorance. Seeing our suffering and opening to the desire for liberation.
18 February, 2023
53 min.

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