25 Beautiful Mindstates–Right Speech 2

25 Beautiful Mindstates: Right Speech 2
Topics Include: 1) What it means to evolve spiritually. 2) The difference between traditional spiritual characteristics and the development of our physical mental health. 3) The five “neurobiological” qualities: pliancy of mind, buoyancy of mind, and pliancy, efficiency, and proficiency of mind. 4) The result of the development of these mental qualities in terms of how we actually live our life through speech, action, and livelihood. 5) The reason for the pre-eminent importance of right speech: because it is a direct reflection of our thoughts, and leads to actions that have consequences in the world. 6) Harsh speech: living up to the high standards of the Buddha. How to resolve conflict without suffering. 7) The five conditions for appropriate speech: the right time, based on facts, is my speech gentle or harsh, are my words helpful, are my words kind. 8) How to avoid automatic and unconscious reactions to our emotions. 9) Vain speech or idle chatter: how to speak appropriately in conventional social situations. Learning to manage gossip in our lives. 10) Understanding sila as the training in the abstinences…seeing our life as a training to attain spiritual purity in our lives. 11) Seeing the world with wisdom or seeing the world through our conditioning.
24 September, 2022
46 min.

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