25 Beautiful Mindstates–Right Livelihood

Topics Include: 1) Brief review of 25 Mindstates. 2) The definition of Right Livelihood: living a balanced life. 3) Wrong livelihood: business in weapons, business in human beings, business in meat, business in intoxicants, business in poisons. 4) Understanding right livelihood as a vehicle for self actualization. Work that supports justice, equality, and ecological sustainability. Right livelihood as an expression of one’s sacred purpose in life. 5) Learning how to be compassionate in the workplace. 6) Finding meaning in work by separating productivity from income. Finding value in all forms of productive labor. 7) The Buddha’s teaching of earning and living and wealth: persistence, protection of one’s wealth, keeping good company, and balanced living. 8) How to manage wealth: remaining happy in one’s accomplishments; protecting one’s wealth; being generous in donating and supporting others. 9) Three forms of happiness: the happiness of accumulating wealth; the happiness of using one’s wealth in a meritorious fashion; the happiness of blamelessness or right action in building wealth. 10) How to cultivate right livelihood: right mindfulness; not clinging to self or me and mine; avoiding harm to one’s self and others; being blameless in thought and action. 11) The fundamental principles of ahimsa and the law of karma.
Oct. 22, 2022
47 min.

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