25 Beautiful Mindstates–Proficiency of Mind

Topics Include: 1) The sequential and cumulative nature of the mindstates as they evolve through successive stages as a result of meditation. 2) Review of pliancy of mind: a sense of cognitive flexibility. 3) Review of efficiency of mind: a mind and body working together with minimal effort and minimal waste. 4) Proficiency of mind: the ability to integrate our mental and physical capabilities to bring a sense of skill and mastery to our lives. 5) Mental proficiency and the sense of being in a state of flow. 6) Having a proficient mind and the definition of intelligence. 7) The power of meditation in helping us understand how our minds actually work and overcome mental blockages. 8) The effect of the meditation practice in building awareness of the body and the mind.
September 3, 2022
34 min.

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