25 Beautiful Mindstates–Non-Greed and Non-Hatred

Topics Include: 1) Alobha or goodwill or non-greed and Adosa or non-hatred. 2) Defining greed as excessively strong desire, reprehensible or evil. A greed that leads to craving and clinging. 3) Differentiating between wholesome and unwholesome desires: the moral and ethical implications of our pursuit of desire. 4) The difference between a need and a want: learning how to find contentment in our lives and avoid the obsessive pursuit of pleasure. 5) Overcoming the power of expectations, a more subtle form of greed. 6) What does greed feel like in the body? What does non-greed feel like in the body? 7) How to work with greed with mindfulness, acceptance and understanding. 8) What is adosa or non-hatred? First, defining hatred: an intense hostility or aversion resulting from fear of injury. 9) The meaning of adosa: a complete acceptance of one’s self and others: a state of trust, openness and acceptance…a sense of unity with all other beings, similar to what a child feels as it enters the world and how a sense of separate self develops through conditioning. 10) Understanding the mind of a child as an expression of Buddha Nature. Adosa is fundamentally a feeling of our Buddha Nature. 11) Bringing the quality of awakening to our Buddha Nature into our lives.
August 13, 2022
60 min.

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