25 Beautiful Mindstates–Metta

Topics Include: 1) Definition of Metta: a sincere wish for the well being of others without any sense of self interest. 2) The Karaniya Metta Sutta: Buddha’s original statement on Lovingkindness. 3) The three parts of the Metta Sutta: the application of Metta in daily life, the cultivation of Metta through meditation, and the expression of Metta through all our human activities. 4) The concept of spiritual merit and how Metta brings our merit to fruition in our lives. 5) How Metta influences our behavior in terms of our psychology. 6) How, by loving others, we free ourselves of negative, hateful emotions. How spiritual “cleansing” allows us to truly love others and by loving others, we benefit ourselves. 7) The near and far enemies of Metta. 8) The methods of meditating on Metta: Radiating Metta to people and radiating metta to places. 9) The blessings that Metta bestows upon us. 10)The disparity between the Buddha’s teachings and the conditions in today’s modern world.
December 24, 2022
54 min.

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