25 Beautiful Mindstates–Equanimity 2

Topics Include: 1) Brief review of the 25 Beautiful Mindstates. 2) What means to afhieve equanimity in our lives. 3) Equanimity as a culmination of the concentration practices and the journey through the sixteen stages of awakening. 4) Equanimity as the culmination of the four Brahmaviharas. 5) Equanimity as a state that embraces all phenomena and is free from bias or prejudice and operates through all our six sense doors. 6) The importance of conditioning on how we perceive reality and how we define our self. The distinction between the arahant and the householder. 7) Equanimity based on the knowledge of impermanence and suffering. 8) Equanimity as one of the Seven Factors of Awakening. 9) The nine insight knowledges leading to the experiential understanding of impermanance, suffering and non-self. Understanding the impersonality of karma and the absence of self. 10) Understanding the implications of non-self and the possibility for peace in this world.
January 14, 2023
59 min.

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