25 Beautiful Mindstates–Composure and Buoyancy of Mind

Topics Include: 1) Brief review of previous mindstates: confidence, mindfulness, shame and fear of harm, non-greed and non-hatred. 2) The qualities of the mind: composure, buoyancy, pliancy, efficiency, proficiency. The difference between composure and buoyancy, and pliancy, efficiency and proficiency. 3) Composure of mind: examples of an agitated, restless mind. 4) Attaining a sense of composure and peace through tranquility or concentration practice: the jhanic practices. 5) Understanding tranquility and peace as an elemental form of happiness. 6) Richard Davidson and his research on Gamma waves in meditators. The impact of meditation on producing gamma waves. 7) Buoyancy of mind: a lightness of mind and body and a sense of vividness and intensity, sleepiness and drowsiness. 8) The role of mental composure and buoyancy, not only as a measure of mental health, but also as a measure of intelligence. 9) How our mental health can impact our physical health.
August 20, 2022
52 min.

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