The temple’s name, Mu-Ryang-Sa, means “Broken Ridge Temple.” You may have noticed on your drive up that the top ridge of the temple is broken. What appears as a flaw of the temple has both a story and a significant Buddhist teaching. The construction of the first temple building began in 1980, but during the temple’s construction, it was discovered that the roof of the main hall exceeded City and County height limitations. As a result, the roof was lowered to its present height. In Buddha’s teachings, he speaks of shattering our inner ridge-poles of ignorance, greed, and craving in our “house of illusion.” The shattering of ignorance by wisdom results in the demolition of illusion and the attainment of liberation–or nirvana. As with the enlightenment of the Buddha, may the shattering of our own inner-roofs remind us of the structures of ignorance that can be let go to reach the true heights of our inner liberation.